I am so thankful for all you. Thank you especially for the reminders of how you struggle. It reminds me why I created my website and why I am now writing this blog in addition to my website. I am so grateful for that.
Click on the image above to get a free 8 x 10 printable of it.

“Count your many blessings money cannot buy, and you will be singing as the days go by!”

Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. Brandy, thank you for providing a place for us to meet, to lift & strengthen our spirits together, & to share knowledge with each other. – Marivene

  2. Thank you Brandy for taking time out of your busy life to think of and help us make our families lives more beautiful. You are wonderful! XoP.S..I am so bad at crafts, but I am going to make those Paris and London bookmarks next week when the girls are back at school!! With your step by step tutorial I think even I may be able to make them….I hope.

  3. It is challenging to live outside of our cultural norms of spending and acquisition. Some of us live this way by choice and others are forced into this way of life. I am so grateful to you Brandy for leading the way holding a blazing candle – showing us how to live frugally with beauty and grace.Thank you for sharing your family, time, experience, knowledge, and energy with us.Blessings – Libby

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