The weather was beautiful by the end of the week. It felt like spring instead of winter with temperatures much warmer than normal. The warm, dry weather was perfect for working in the garden.

We’ve been enjoying a mild, warmer than usual winter here.

Here’s how we saved money last week:

We harvested lemons from the garden and made lemonade. I zested the lemons and dried the zest to make lemon pepper.

I mended a skirt.

We continued to work in the garden. We shoveled out rocks and took several trailers’ worth to the dump where we dumped for free. Our neighbors who are out walking their dogs or getting their mail have asked if we are building a pool with all of the dirt they have seen us removing.

I purchased some more citrus trees for the garden while they were on sale at the local nursery. I’ve made a few changes to the garden plan in order to incorporate more semi-dwarf citrus trees. I also picked up ten flowering cabbage plants on clearance for $0.78 each and some potting soil on sale.

We watched All Creatures Great and Small. For my American readers, you can watch each episode on for free on the Monday after it airs. Episodes are available for three weeks after airing. I also started reading the e-book from the library this week.

After some research, I found a coupon code to finally order my roses for the garden (SMTEN) from David Austin roses to take 10% off. I also ordered my roses in multiples of at least 3, which took another 10% off automatically on all but the climbing roses, which don’t have that discount.

My husband poured concrete posts for another light post in the garden.

I went to Sam’s Club to buy a couple of items. To save trips to the store, I decided to go ahead and buy the chips (crisps) that my children requested for their birthdays while I was there. Two of the three kinds were on sale, which I found out at the store. As teenagers, they all want food and clothing, and chips are a treat that rarely buy, so when they request it for Christmas or their birthdays, it’s a simple gift. I bought for three birthdays through the beginning of March, and I hope to be able to keep my shopping trips to a minimum. The pantry and freezers are full. Now I just need to work on growing more fresh food in the garden to supplement those items and I can greatly reduce my need to go shopping.

What did you do to save money this past week?

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  1. First off, thank you, Brandy and others who were so encouraging and congratulatory as we worked at paying off our mortgage last week! What a wonderful, supportive blog!!

    I started making a quilt to give my grandson who is newly stationed in Korea in the Army. His birthday is in a couple weeks and he loves Colorado Avalanche Hockey team. I couldn’t find Avalanche fabric and was still trying to find a pattern when I found this free online pattern:
    Only problem was it is sized only for a king size quilt and he can only have an extra long twin size. So I printed out the pattern and went to work calculating block size changes, quantity of each fabric needed and number of squares of each color I needed! 192 blocks. 4 fabrics. Found every one of my fabrics in my stash!! Got it done today! Just need to bind it! Quilt #109 done on Lenni. Quilt #110 being loaded now for a client.

    I was feeling peckish the other day and waited until almost 5 pm to think about dinner for the 3 of us. I’ll admit I was leaning towards delivery or takeout food! But then, I reconsidered and got out precooked bag of ground beef, some instant refried beans, home canned Rotel, DIY taco seasoning and a chipotle cheese spread I got free with sale and ibotta and some tortillas I always have on hand and voila- very tasty beef,bean and cheese burritos that were ready in 5 minutes with enough leftovers to make extra meals! They were a big hit!! How often I have been tempted and sometimes succumbed to the ease and convenience of take out when, in fact, I could “whip” something equally tasty and enjoyed out of ingredients I already have in hand! Good reminder to me! 🥴

    Use-it-up challenge. Just a little thing, but I found 1 sad wrinkled apple in the far back recesses of my fridge, so, after coring it, I whizzed it in little food chopper, skin and all, and added it to these 10 big buttermilk pancakes I made for brekkie!
    Nothing spectacular, but they were delicious and the apple is no longer dying in my fridge! 😉

    My best friend, who works at Kroger’s, texted me about a clearance on Carnation evaporated milk- When they got these cans in, they cleared the shelf with the older ones. Expiration date on clearanced milk is Nov 2021!! The clearance price was 9 cents per can!! I bought 88 cans and split them with 3 daughters so we each got 22 cans! The savings was over $213!! For something like that, I will break my grocery no spend fast!! Lol!
    Checked our Key bank checking account and the 60 days since we opened it has come and so they gave us $400 into that account!! That was a happy income!!

    We did something totally out of character on Saturday. We took daughter to Costco (we have card, she doesn’t) so she could buy 3 shelving units to use in her basement for food storage. When she and I had gone the week before, we had seen them. When we were there the first time, we saw a sectional couch with an ottoman that we sat on and loved. They had just sold the last one in stock. Just for fun, daughter took photos of it along with the descriptive tags. I showed the photos to Hubs and, just as a lark, we measured in our family room to assure ourselves that it wouldn’t fit! Surprisingly, it would fit. We read up on additional features it had that we hadn’t noticed- usb charger plug-ins in the arms and back cushions that clipped to base at the bottom and zipped individually to the back so they would stay in place without having to constantly arrange them. The price was about 1/3 or 1/2 what we had seen in other places. But the only time in almost 50 years that we bought new furniture was 15 years ago when e bought a couch and loveseat for our parlour at JC Penney Furniture Outlet, because they had some scratches, a small tear in the arm and were missing feet! Of course we still have them in the parlour. So on our Saturday trip, Costco was out of the shelves, but they had the sectionals back in stock (2 left). We actually bought one and with the help of 3 sons and that daughter, we got the boxes unloaded and set up! We spent all of Saturday evening, stretched out on the couches, just saying “Wow”! Lest any of you worry, we don’t think we will be on a buying “spree” for another 49 years! Lol! We gave one of the couches we replaced to the same daughter to put in her basement family room to replace hers that had been in the house when they bought it 2 years ago!

    Hubs went for his annual eye exam and optometrist (our daughter-in-law) told him that it was time for cataract surgery. She gave us names of the doctors she would recommend and told us to check and see that they take our insurance and then she would send them her report. So that will be coming up. Grateful that our Medicare and supplements will take care of it all! We are blessed since just 2 years ago, that would not have been the case.

    Definitely a week of humble gratitude for us. Hope everyone else is having blessings heaped upon them! Thank you, Brandy, and all your followers for all the encouragement, support and creative inspiration you always share that benefits me and my family so much!

    Gardenpat in Ohio

    1. Congratulations on your new furniture!
      Most of my furniture has been purchased second hand, but I recently bought a new sofa, replacing the one I had for 25 years. The new sofa is comfy and also a sofa sleeper, so win-win all around! I also like the hunt for finding unique pieces through resale sources that makes my home more interesting to look at than a matched set from a store.

    2. Hi Pat. I’m chiming in late to congratulate you on completing your goal of paying off your mortgage! Y’all have worked so hard. Well done! We were able to do the same a few years back and it is a good feeling!

      Also, you are amazing how you zip through quilts! That is such a great looking quilt for your grandson. I’m sure he will love it. Such a unique pattern.

    3. Bit late to the party as I didn’t comment last week but congratulations on paying off your mortgage what a huge achievement 🙂 .


    4. Gardenpat, the quilt you made for your grandson is beautiful. The colors and block you used make this quilt pop. Love the three dimension look it creates.

    5. Gardenpat, congratulations on paying off your mortgage!!!!! That is a major accomplishment. When we paid off our house years ago, we had a mortgage burning party. It felt good to take all of the canceled checks and roast hot dogs over them.