I gleaned olives on Saturday. I’ll be processing them this week.

I canned 4 quarts of giardeniera, using cucumbers from our garden.

I canned 24 quarts of pears.

This is just one side of my front walk; both sides have basil, plus there is more basil behind this. This pictures was taken after I made several batches of pesto. I still have several more batches to make! The basil is taller than my 8-year-old.

I cut lots and lots of basil from the garden and made several batches of pesto, which I froze. I borrowed a food processor from my mom to make the process go faster.

I cut roses from the garden to enjoy on my table.

I cut green onions and a pomegranate from the garden.

I mended two dresses and a towel.

My husband and I watched a show for free on Hulu.

Winter and Ezrom downloaded 2 free songs each from the library’s website.

I attended a community garage sale with my mom on Saturday. I found several things for our family: pants for Cyrus, Wren, Liberty, and Elsa ($1.00 each), shirts for Cyrus ($0.25 to $1.00 each), a sweater for Winter ($1), books ($.50 to $1.00 each), new-in-the-box Christmas net lights ($2 a box), bicycle helmets ($2 each), a bulletin board ($1), push pins ($.25), three dresses for Winter ($3 each), and an acoustic guitar with a case for $30; Ezrom gave me a big hug and a kiss when he saw it!

I also bought several things that I will use as Christmas gifts for the children, including a brand-new 500 piece puzzle ($1), a used (like new) 24-piece puzzle, some jewelry ($0.25 each), a game ($1), knitting needles ($0.25 a pair), an MP3 player ($3) and a jacket ($0.50).

What did you do to save money last week?

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  1. Carrie, try using a little shampoo to remove that ring around the collar. I squirt a little on, rub it in with my fingers along the dirt lint, then wash as usual. It takes it out every time, which kind of makes sense, since shampoo removes body oils and dirt in the hair.

  2. I am amazed that people pay for this service. We’ve used an antenna ever since we bought our first house. Twenty years ago when we bought this house, we paid $100 for an antenna and probably didn’t pay a handyman over $25 to install it . That comes out to a little over $6 a year for all three networks and PBS, plus their sub channels now that things are digital, plus a few other channels.I freely admit some of the cable offerings we don’t get would be nice, but we’d rather not have a bill. This leaves money to spend on entertainment to KEEP, such as books, CD’s, and the video’s of things we love enough to watch over and over.

  3. I have serious basil envy!!1. Earned cash back from Checkout 51 for purchasing bananas.2. Received a payment for items purchased from my Amazon store.3. Picked the last of the tomatoes on our plants, in anticipation of a potential frost. (It didn’t happen.) Those bargain plants more than paid for themselves!4. Dropped off items for sale, and picked up unsold items, at a family consignment sale. I earned $148.23 (70% of the value of sold items). I should receive the check in about a week.5. Watched several episodes of Boardwalk Empire,Season Four, on DVD, borrowed from the library.6. Finished reading, Cut Adrift, and picked up Little Girls Can Be Mean again. (Both books were borrowed from the library.)7. Updated inventory of items for sale via my small business, in anticipation of the holiday season.

  4. Yes, Mo, bring all the green ones in. We brought over 100 green in 10 days ago along with 300+ red ones when we cleared out due to impending frost. As the news said , the growing season is over. I lay the stem side down on a towel on trays and set them wherever I have room. Check them daily . 75% on my greens have already turned red.

  5. Debbie, I have those pans also. Have you just been using the recipe that came with it, have you tried anything else? I haven’t done any experimenting yet.

  6. Thank you for the great soup outline, PBKmaine. Someone told me that adding a splash of vinegar in when simmering the bones helps to extract the nutrients and from the couple of times I’ve tried it, I think it works!

  7. I read two things I think of interest to us here. One, on 10-13 Writer’s Almanac blog (I know I know I keep mentioning this but it is always something to learn) they talked of the building of the White House among other historical bits. Abigail Adams used to hang the laundry to dry in the East Room! Two, TIME 10-20 issue has an article about Mark Bittman called HOW TO EAT NOW pgs 48-54, tagline, he “wants you to stay in and eat at home because it’s good for your family–and its far easier than you think”.

  8. Oh that’s too bad, but if you’ve tried everyone I guess you have the option to sell them. I would research the value . You don’t want to sell them at a rummage sale for a couple dollars if they are worth more, like a real collectible.

  9. kk I see a woman walking around the school area everyday with a little dog. When the dog gets tired it gets to ride in the baby front pack the woman wears and she continues her long walk.

  10. Thank you for allowing me to post this!Week before last, we cut our cable off because our bill went to over $70 per month for the basic package. We purchased a Roku 2 in May so we could view Netflix. This week Roku 2 added Fox Business News to its lineup, which I am thankful for because my husband is a big Fox News fan. Roku 2 has a lot of free channels to watch and you can select the shows you want to view – PBS, History Channel, The Blaze, WRAL, Etc. They keep adding channels, but you have to watch the ads on the free ones. Also, I am also very thankful that we found a cheap ($12 at Family Dollar) RCA TV antennae with rabbit ears that actually works with our TV (when the analog to digital conversion was first instigated we could not pick up anything over the air). We can now pick up 22 channels in our area, including three PBS channels(PBS, PBS Explorer and PBS Kids), our local stations, ION, CW and Retro – and it is all Free! You have to position the antennae just right to pick up channels so your TV scanner will find them. We put our little antennae on a window sill. A lot of you may already know all this, but some of you may not. Don’t be afraid to cut the cable. We are also surrounded by a forest with tall trees and the antennae still picks up. If interested go to the FCC website http://transition.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/dtvmaps/and look at your area to see where the TV towers are located. It will tell you the signal strengths and the TV stations that are available. We pick up signals from half way across NC with that little antennae, and the FCC said it was weak signal for our area! Sincerely,Debra from SE NC

  11. I tried posting this once but I guess it didn’t work. I have already offered these pieces to the few remaining family members, none wanted them. I don’t have any cousins, etc. That is why I asked for ideas of what to do with them. I kept two shelves full of her glass pieces, so my daughter will have plenty to choose from if she wants one someday. She was a baby when my grandmother passed away, she won’t remember her.

  12. I have to type my reply in first, highlight the text and copy it, then click publish. My comment will disappear so I then have to paste it into the box, click publish and it will work that way.

  13. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been looking in to Roku and have been afraid to make the jump. We just watch DVD’s and shows online at the moment. So this is great information to hear.

  14. Wow, I’m impressed … you get The Blaze channel??!! I wish wish WISH I could convince Hubby to cut the cable, or at least REDUCE it! But he’s a big dude with TV and when he’s watching a show, I’m surfing the net 😉

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