I made Tuscan Tomato Bread soup, yogurt, roasted rosemary potatoes, balsamic orange vinaigrette,   I cooked a turkey and a ham this week. I used our meat slicer to slice the ham for sandwiches.

I cut rosemary from the garden.

I picked pomegranates from a reader’s tree.

I bought 90 pounds of pasta for .49 a pound. This price only comes round once or twice a year, so I estimated what I hope is enough for a year in the shapes that they had (we eat four other shapes that they didn’t have). I bought fettuccini, angel hair pasta, large shells, small shells, penne, and a few macaroni noodles.

A friend of my mom’s gave us two 20 pound turkeys that she picked up for .59 a pound.

Winter wanted to know if I had a certain type of necklace that she could borrow for church. I had one that was just what she wanted in my broken jewelry box. I don’t buy much jewelry (I’ve bought a handful of things in the last decade), but I have a small collection of broken jewelry that was given to me as a child. The necklace needed a clasp, so she put one on it. I made her a pair of earrings to match using some beads that she had.

I watched two shows on Hulu for free.

I made Christmas gifts using items I had on hand.

I used free samples of beauty products.

What did you do to save money last week?

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  1. Little House books in the young adult section?!! Sorry, but your library needs some restructuring. All those books are graded for elementary readers. Even the so called “mature ones” you are referring to. We use them 4-5 grade. We start with LHITBW as a read aloud to the children in first grade. If a chapter seems too long the teacher is capable of making suitable breaks in the story flow that will hold the little listener til the next installment.

  2. I have a deep freezer which helps tremendously with making stocks. Every time that I clean a chicken or vegetables I put the in their respective freezer bags. Then when it is full I dump it in a crock pot filled with water and 2table spoons of apple cider vinegar. Cook on low 10-12 hours (I do it overnight). Strain out solids and chill so far will rise to the surface. I like doing it in my crockpot because I don’t have to think about it at all

  3. Earthmomma, have you seen WINGED MIGRATION? It’s not strictly a science movie but it shows a lovely panorama of bird life around the world. I’m a big bird fan and I own this movie. It is so well done. You can find it at the public library. Another popular video in our library is NATURE’S RAGE by National Geographic. We had it on VHS and I had to rebuy on DVD. It is especially popular with the grade school boys.

  4. I almost forgot our most exciting frugal accomplishment! We received glass shower doors from Freecycle this weekend and I think we’re ready to tackle our shower renovation! Our shower pan has had a crack in it since we bought the house (10 years ago!). The woman that lived here before sealed it with something, epoxy maybe, but after a few years, it became exposed again. We obtained a new shower pan from friends that were redoing their bathroom a couple of years ago, but my husband didn’t want to replace the pan before he had some tiles in case he cracked the cultured marble surround in the process. About a year or so ago, I found some ceramic tiles on clearance at Lowe’s for 14 cents each. There were only 4 or so boxes of them, but I think there will be enough. Now we have the doors! It only took about three years to get the supplies together, but we should have everything we need now and we only paid for the tile! I don’t even remember what I paid for it…maybe $10-$12? When my husband gets a chance, we will have a new shower for pennies! I’m so excited! Just had to add that…can’t believe I forgot to share it the first time! Have a great week everyone!

  5. I found a set of the Little House books, all 9 of them, at a yard sale a few years ago. I paid $2.25. I had not read the 9th book, so I read them and put them away. Now my bigger kids are 4 and 6, and we read a chapter or two every night. I love how much they love them, too!

  6. Brandy, I’ve seen mention of darning socks in the past. My idea of darning socks is to toss them in the garbage or rag bag and yell, “Take that, darn socks!” Do you think you might do a quick tutorial on darning socks? I’m curious to see how people repair them as often our socks are still in great shape with the exception of the heel.

  7. Hi Becky, I darn socks and I know I have mentioned it. I can try and help you if you want. I have a darning egg that I use, very old, but you just need something rounded that can slip into the sock and mimic the heel. Possible a leggs egg if they still make those? or a toy egg from the children’s play food? Let me know.

  8. Teresa, so good to read to children. I read THE SECRET GARDEN to my older children when they were 6 4 2 and a newborn. Naturally the 2 younger did not totally follow but they were all snuggled in and content. But just the listening to the voice and the inflections does so much for a child’s developing brain. It is so sad nowadays seeing parents with their eye or ear to the cell phone while the child is ignored.

  9. When I read the Little House Books to my children, my oldest sister, who is a teacher, told me that they are indeed a “graded” series, for elementary students. Little House in the Big Woods is 1st grade level, and they progress through the grades, one for each book, and there are 6 in the series. I believe this is correct, because if you look at the books, the first one has very simple words & sentences, and they are increasingly more difficult as you work thru the series. One of my children had difficulty learning to read, & I asked this sister’s advice for good ways to help her become more proficient.

  10. Woodworking husband’s are just great, aren’t they. I never argue over the need for a new tool or whatever technical names they have as I know the value of the return we get is so much greater.It’s endless…bookshelves, bunk beds, dressers, china cabinet , chess board, storage cupboards/shelves everywhere.

  11. Warmed up a bit here but a couple of days of strong winds . Same time I think as those tornadoes but they did not come this far north. Came home Wednesday 8:45 from work ( my late day as library open for youth groups). Husband looked a bit sly. When I got farther into the house discovered he had strung lights on several trees in the back yard out beyond the new sun room. So cheerful these days with the early darkness.Only bought one gallon of milk for 2.50 and 100 more pounds of russets at 1.99 per 10 lb bag. Husband out of town Thursday through Sunday for family work…the siblings had to get some things taken care of at some jointly owned property. Cooked all from.scratch, but not much really . Made spaghetti pie with (planned) leftover pasta, cottage cheese , a couple eggs, some herbs and spices and a bit each of mozzarella and parmesan. Top with the left over spaghetti sauce. Made 1 loaf of white bread and 2 pans pecan sticky rolls with the remainder of the dough and macaroni and cheese . Had several meals of the pasta dishes. Finished up other leftovers. The girls and I went to a church wedding shower on Saturday with a lunch served. I had found a reversible cotton bath mat at the linen outlet and I made a set of four quilted pot holders. We packed them in a covered plastic storage bin topped with a ribbon. We stamped our own card. Middle daughter rode home with our younger son Friday night, then drove back Sunday night. The two boys went hunting Saturday with their cousins. Christmas dinner (goose is traditional) is now in the freezer. We all ate Sunday lunch with oldest daughter. I brought side dish of roasted vegetables on hand and from storage…rutabaga, red potato, fennel, turnip, carrots, olive oil and rosemary.Hung up our cotton clothes and husband’s shirts to dryy, hand washed two sweaters and tights. Did not need to buy gas, saw that it went down to 3.19/gal .hope it stays down until tomorrow. Made new tassel for husband’s knit hat. Somehow it got lost last winter. Since I have everything I need for Thanksgiving already in the freezer or root cellar I have extra money for the two relief funds, the hurricane and the tornado. We mailed checks Monday morning to the Central Committe to distribute.

  12. I just saw on Barnes and Noble you can buy coffee mugs with a TARDIS on it and when you add hot beverage the TARDIS disappears. Not cheap though, but you could watch for a clearance sale.

  13. Cathi, you’re a librarian also, I see. I checked your blog. Have you stopped updating the sewing one? I like your refashionong of items . HAve you seen the New Dress a.Day blog?

  14. Out of curiosity I checked LLBean, Eddie Bauer and Land’s End websites and it seems if the scarf if a knit type one or fleece there is no fringe, but if a woven (as in a wool plaid) then there is a fringe.

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