1. Make a Mother’s Day gift for my mom

2. Turn 2 pairs of jeans into jean shorts for Winter

3. Modify 3 dresses

4. Finish skirt for Wren

5. Sew arrow points on Ezrom’s Cub Scout shirt


1. Pull weeds

2. Pull out peas

3. Plant Aremenian cucumber seeds and red noodle beans (long red “green” beans) in place of the peas

4. Plant zinnia seeds

5. Pull out some of the bolted Swiss chard (silverbeet). Plant new Swiss chards in the same place (I am leaving some chard to finish going to seed).

6. Deadhead roses

7. Pick peaches (these will most likely be ripe this week on my Desert Gold peach tree)

8. Pick apricots on the Katy apricot (just a few as I planted this one in the front yard last year). Cut the bottom branches off after picking the fruit. (The branches are lower than I want them to be. I’ll cut them now so that the tree can put more energy into the higher branches).

9. Reseed lawn. We did not plan on doing this again this year, but grubs destroyed a large amount of the grass and it needs to be redone before it gets any hotter.

10. Collect green onion seeds and plant some in the garden (they have reseeded themselves for 6 years from the ones I planted 7 years ago, but I want to plant some this year to make sure I have plenty).

11. Plant butternut squash seeds


1. Make yogurt. Freeze some starter to use for later batches.

2. Make popsicles at least twice

3. Make bread at least twice

4. Make mulberry muffins

5. Make granola


1. Write four posts this week, including one on Mother’s Day gifts


1. Buy nylons. I was recently recommended the George brand of thigh-highs from Walmart. If these work, I can hopefully salvage one when the other gets a run to put with a new one.

2. Buy translucent face powder from Lancome through Ebates. Lancome has discontinued my powder twice in years past and I found out that they decided to bring it back yet again. In the meantime I had been using Pixi brand pressed powder, as it was the only powder the same shade. (I am the lightest shade and most companies don’t make a shade light enough for me). The Pixi brand powder seemed like less money up front, but it is gone in a year; the Lancome one lasted me 3 years (looking on the container I could see why; there is 3 times as much in the Lancome one!), so it ends up being a MUCH better deal–and I prefer loose powder. Plus, Ebates has 10% off Lancome this week, free shipping on orders over $49, and two different free gift with purchase deals (coupon codes and details are on Ebates under Lancome), which makes it a much better deal!

(Ebates is giving double cash back to a ton of stores all this week in honor of Mother’s Day; in the case of Lancome, their double is actually more than double this week!)


1. Finish necklace that I started for myself a year ago so that I can wear it on Mother’s Day

2. Cut flowers and arrange them for the table

3. Take family picture

4. Take silhouette pictures of the children. I have been wanting to do this for Mother’s Day for years and I hope that by putting it on the list I will remember to make it happen.

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  1. Eek, Mother’s Day! I only just realized this is coming! But I am going to see my mother the following weekend, so I guess I have an extra week to think of something.Goals:1. Take my 99 Accord to the shop to make sure it is roadworthy for driving 1700 miles… with the kids in the back.2. Fix my pajama pants–I was scooting on the floor to catch a toddler and they got caught on a nail.3. List crib, American Girl doll, and other miscellany for sale or give-away (move coming up).4. Sort my clothes and/or the kids’ toys, pre-move.5. Write blog post about paring down.6. Earn $300 working from home.

  2. I am curious about your face powder! I, too, have VERY fair skin and I am constantly trying to find a powder in a shade that works and that has staying power! Why do you like Lancome? I am willing to pay more for a powder that I love and that works. Would you be willing to share the type/shade that you get and why you like it so much?

  3. i just had family pictures this weekend. The only portrait studio (other than private photographers) runs specials a lot but the packages are not big enough for me to get all of the photos I need (or want) without having to buy extras and therefore spending a lot of money. I talked to my sister, who loves to take pictures, and had her do some of us at our local park with a few prop ideas that I had gotten from pinterest. I must say that these family pictures are my favorite ones as I am not a huge fan of “traditional studio poses”. Now, I have to choose my favorites to print and frame. I will definitely do my next family pictures the same way!

  4. Hi Brandi, I wanted to comment on the George Brand thigh highs. I love them and I use them all the time but I have noticed that the ‘sticky part’ at the top gets unsticky in a couple of wears. Nothing worse than your nylons falling down in the middle of church. However, that said, I have thought that the George brand works better than most of them.

  5. You should try Coty Airspun loose powder. It is available from drugstores or Wal-Mart, usually in the beauty area but near the nail polish & nail tools. $7 for a large container. It is very highly rated. I’m incredibly fair and the “translucent” or “translucent extra coverage” work perfectly for me. Clinique blended loose powder is another good one and very inexpensive.

  6. Thank you for the recommendations. It looks like Clinique has several transparent powders that are $23 each (lower than Lancome’s $35) and they have a large number of super fair shades. I already ordered but I will have to check that out next time. I went to the mall two or three weeks ago with my mom for the first time in 7 years and I didn’t have time to look at the powders, other than to quickly ask the Lancome saleswoman if they had brought back the powder. I rarely get to the mall (and free shipping on items make it easier to stay away) but I had gone to check out a couple of dresses I had seen online.Ebates has a percentage back on Clinique as well so if I switched then I could use that too. I always wait to order until they have a double cash back deal (they usually have one on Black Friday). Of course, now I’m good for the next three years 🙂 I may make it back to the mall before that and I will check out Clinique’s powders.

  7. I purchased it because of the color (I’m about three shades lighter than most brands fair shade) and I prefer loose powder (it goes on lighter than pressed powder). I buy the lightest shade, 100 Ivoire (Ivory). Pamela’s suggestions below are awesome, though–and a better price. I just went over to Clinique’s website and they have SEVERAL light choices including lighter ones than I bought, AND they’re less money. I would want to see them in person first to color match correctly. I’m impressed that they are so much lower in price. It’s not something I purchase but once every few years. I know both companies have free items with purchase deals. Those tend to be around holidays–as does Ebates double cash back (plus I don’t have drive to the mall and get free shipping!)Staying power is a good question; I tend to find I could use a second application of powder in the day, but I don’t usually do it unless I have somewhere to go that evening. I would rather pay more for the right color makeup than waste money buying shades that aren’t right (the darker shades look orange on me). I use Mary Kay for foundation and concealer (their lightest shade, also called Ivory 100). I found those to be lighter than Lancome’s lightest shade in the past, but the woman at the Lancome counter assured me that they could find me a matching shade now (but Lancome’s is more than Mary Kay, so I have stuck with it; I only use a bit of those, only under and around my eyes, so those last me 18 months to 2 years a container; the rest of my face just gets powder).I’m open to other less expensive options if I can find the right color for lower. I am definitely going to check out Pamela’s suggestions. My daughters are not as fair as I am, but a few are close–but they all tan (like my husband), and I tend to burn. I want to start them off with the right shade when they are old enough to wear makeup, so I will be learning some more about my options since my oldest is not too far from that point!

  8. The quality of photos using modern digital cameras or photo editing suites is amazing. My SIL had my niece take a portrait of her to give everyone for Christmas. It was so nice that we assumed it was a studio portrait until we heard otherwise. It was good enough that when my SIL went to Walmart to pick up the copies, they questioned her before printing them. They thought it might be a professional portrait that she was trying to copy.

  9. I don’t know if anyone would be interested in this or not, but the drugstores that sell knee high support stockings also sell roll on adhesive to help keep the socks from rolling down.

  10. I love Coty Airspun, too. I have used, and loved, both Estee Lauder and Clinique loose powders, but have settled on Coty the last few years. It looks so natural, even in the translucent extra coverage, and I think I like that it has such a long history.I rarely wear foundation, just a light moisturizer and the loose powder applied with a big brush.To carry in my purse for touchups, I have a L’Oreal loose powder with a built in retractable brush. I didn’t “get” loose powder until I was about 35. Before that, I always used pressed powder, somehow not realizing it was foundation and powder combined, and actually wore it on top of foundation. The older I get, the less makeup I wear.

  11. I don’t usually wear makeup, but this past weekend I wore arrowroot powder (also known as arrowroot starch) as a face powder in a pinch for a wedding I was in. I purchase it in bulk to use for cooking at a cost of 4.06//lb. I was happy with how it performed!

  12. Lancome is notorious for discontinuing items! I used to work in cosmetics and worked next to the Lancome counter. It always drove customers nuts!

  13. I remember being so fond of Lancome’s Aroma Calm body cream and after bath spray. They were so comforting after a stressful day at work. One of the discontinued lines!

  14. What’s nice is that when I bought my MacBook Pro from QVC last year, on EZ-Pay which is the only way I can afford it without having to save for months on end, is that the package I bought came with Photoshop Express for Mac!! So I could buy that remote, take the camera card to Walmart and print off the photo myself 🙂 Thanks for all the ideas ladies!

  15. My goals for this week are: 1. To finish out the workweek without getting put on-call. Only get $2/hour for on-call time and I cannot do anything else when on-call either which stinks.2. Organize my spare room/craft roomThat’s about it. Laundry is all caught up. I did it all when we returned from camp on Sunday morning. Hubby is down there right now as he wants to build a deck onto our campsite.

  16. Dear Miss Brandy and readers,Very good goals. I need to get back into the swing of things. Work has been quite busy but I will soon be off for the summer. We are having a high school graduation and party in 2 weeks so that needs to be on my goals list.Happy spring to all! Happy Mother’s Day (in case I don’t get to say it!)Anna

  17. Have you tried ELF’s face powder? It is translucent and raved all over the internet. It is extremely cheap high quality stuff you can find it at Target.

  18. I use to always ask my family for the gift of a family portrait for my Mother’s day gift. If they all got dressed and smiled that was the gift I wanted. We use the self timer too. I am glad you reminded me of this as now I can start asking for this again. When they all went away to college I stopped asking but now they are all starting families of their own so Now I am going to start asking again.

  19. I like Elf’s makeup brushes, but their powder was much too dark for me as I recall. Their brushes were fantastic. I was hoping they would have powder for me because their prices are so low, but it was too dark.

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