May Day Flowers The Prudent Homemaker

 Have a wonderful first day of May!

Poppy The Prudent Homemaker


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  1. We used to make little paper baskets for May Day at school.
    My children and grandchildren have not made baskets at school.
    I feel like they missed something when I see your pictures.

  2. Thank you Brandy! I hope you and your family have a blessed first weekend in May! 🙂

  3. I found your site about a week ago and cannot stop reading it. What an inspiration! I am 70 and have always tried to be a frugal person. Gardening, making from scratch, redoing, repurposing, using coupons, yard sales, thrift stores, etc are just a few of the things I do. Never would I have thought of some of the things you and your readers are doing. Will be trying a LOT of new ideas in the days to come. Thank you all and may God bless your efforts.

  4. Happy May Day to you too, Brandy! Your May Day Basket is so pretty. I wish it still was a tradition to leave one on neighbor’s doors. I remember making them in Girl Scouts.

  5. Yet again, you taught me something new Brandy! After I read some of the comments about the paper baskets I had to look up info on the traditions of May Day. Thanks to Wikipedia, now I know this celebration widely varies by country and areas with each country! We don’t celebrate May Day much here in Ontario (apparently there are some areas of Canada which do have celebrations). I’ve sort of heard of it before, but never knew much about it. I always love learning something new, especially when there is history involved…thank you for the inspiration to expand my knowledge.

  6. If you never posted any words, I think I would still come to your blog to look at the pictures. They are phenomenal!

  7. I agree about Brandy’s pictures—-they are like a breath of fresh air. So beautiful….

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