Last week was a super busy week and I didn’t get to post my goals for the week. I did get three bathroom drawers organized (Wren and Liberty organized one of them) and went on one bicycle ride. I took the slats off of two benches and decided which slats from three benches were in the best shape to make one bench. I planted some things in the front garden (replacements for dead plants). I worked on Winter’s blue dress, sewed two rice bags and covers for the freezer (these are used for putting on bruises, like an ice pack; they are made with uncooked rice), sewed a wheat bag and cover (used to heat in the microwave for muscle aches; they are also good for warming a bed in cold weather if you live in a place that gets cold in the winter), and mended a hem. I canned 13 quarts of tomatoes from tomatoes that were given to us, and I spent some time working on organizing the pantry. I spent a lot of time helping the children with their schoolwork as well.
This Week’s Goals:

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish Wren’s dress
2. Finish Winter’s blue dress
3. Finish the hot pads I started in January
Garden Goals:
1. Sand slats to fix my garden bench. 
2. Prune espaliered apple trees
3. Add some manure to beds; rake beds and put drip lines back down afterwards

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Photograph and edit photos for the next post in the 40 cents a day series
2. Photograph and edit photos for another post
2. Write Frugal Accomplishments post
Organizational goals:
1. Work on organizing the pantry
Personal/Family goals:
1. Go to the temple with my husband (I am so excited to have a chance to go together; we have a young woman who is babysitting for free for a service project, so I have a babysitter so that we can go together!)
2. Go on three bike rides
3. Give haircuts to both boys

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  1. Wow! You have a lot planned. I need to start a “to do list”. I noticed you do not include housecleaning. That’s the majority of my day 🙁 Let’s see…. no time like right now to think of a few. You can keep me accounted LOL1. Read one book2. Learn 2 Bible verses with my little one and read a chapter a night (we don’t always read the Bible at night so we need to do it including the other books we read.)3. wipe and clean fridge4. organize freezer

  2. Unless it’s a big project, housekeeping doesn’t go on my list; it’s part of the daily routine of things. The children do a lot of housework in their chores. I don’t include laundry and bread baking either. Stuff like clean the fridge, like you have on your list, would go on my list. Reading books doesn’t usually go on my list, either. I just try to put the things that are different from the normal routine; the normal stuff is pretty easy to remember to do.

  3. I am new to your blog, but I just love it. You are very smart and very inspirational. I am 60 years old and have raised 3 children on a modest income. We are now grandson(who will be 20 this week) and he is a sophomore in college. We have fallen on hard times as my husband was hurt at work and I lost my job in 2011. I was ALWAYS frugal, but I have learned so much in just the few weeks I have been here. Thank you for sharing your world with us..your family is just beautiful ..God Bless

  4. I really need to start setting weekly goals again. I think my problem in the past was I would put too many items on my list and get upset when I couldn’t complete it. So this week I will put one item- To clean as much as possible. We are going to put our house on the market next week and I want it to sparkle. Today I took the day off from homeschooling. The girls played all day while I cleaned and decluttered. Now I have a huge pile of items to get rid of !

  5. I have had 3 books from the library for 6 weeks. (renewed , of course) and I haven’t made any “ME Time”. That’s why I included it. 🙂 I have thought of a few more goals but I won’t clutter up your site. Thanks for all the info you provide.

  6. I need to renew a book for myself as well! I just got a notice today that I’ve already had it for 3 weeks, too! I love that I can renew it online!I love to read and I’m afraid that is I made reading one of my goals I might have a hard time making sure I get dinner on the table. . . 🙂

  7. I got several things done this week that had been on the “list” in my head.I emptied my china cabinet, washed everything, washed the goblets and tea set I brought home from my late mother’s things, polished the silver, and got it put back together. Since I brought home more things, there wasn’t room for everything, and I gave the excess to a woman who is having a garage sale to try to raise some money for her kidney transplant.It is finally cool in the mornings here. This morning I went out and sprayed for weeds and shoveled more gravel into the gravel drive. I also removed soiled oil dry from under the car in the carport and replaced it with fresh. (Old car with slow oil leak that would cost more than it’s worth to fix.)I got my fall decorations up. Disposed of worn out summer flowers in my porch planters and replaced with pansies for the winter.

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