I spent a lot of time canning last week, and that took priority over everything else.. Friday and Saturday I watched a free online food photography class on Creative Live. For some strange reason my flash player wasn’t working (so I missed part of the class) and I ended up having to watch it on my husband’s computer (this meant I had to watch some of it on the evening rewatch when my husband came home Friday evening). Since his laptop is plugged in in our bedroom, I ended up taking the time when the teacher was talking about things I already knew or answering questions without anything visual to organize my bedroom and closet. I took out the huge bag of outgrown children’s clothes that needed to be sorted and organized into boxes and I was able to put most of it away. This is a task that I normally dread, but it was made pleasant by doing it while listening. I used the breaks to sew and make food for my family, and change loads in the washer and dryer.

I figured out how to fix my flash player problem on Adobe’s help section on Saturday night, but I am so grateful for the trouble that allowed me to get some other things done.

Last Week’s Goals:

Garden Goals:
1. Paint plinth and urn for the front garden again
2. Install plinth and urn
3. Plant urn with plants
4. Plant vincas in the backyard circle
5. Plant more zinnias of different colors in the garden
6. Replant zucchini and butternut squash in the garden from seed. I also planted miniature white pumpkins and white aster seeds in the front yard after my seeds arrived.
7. Pick grapes
8. Pick Early Elberta peaches when they ripen.
9. Do some weeding
10. Cut more sunflower heads

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish dress for Wren. I sewed the sleeves on, sewed down the sides, and began ironing the hem.
2. Make dress for Winter
3. Make skirt for Winter. I ironed and hemmed the fabric (kind of backwards, but it is a small piece and helps me make sure I don’t make it too short).

Canning Goals:

1. Can grape juice I canned 5 quarts and started another batch that is in the refrigerator waiting to be canned.
2. Can peaches from our tree and also the 50 pounds I purchased last week for .48 a pound. I canned 29 quarts.

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Write and photograph 3 blog posts
2. Finish 2 recipes and publish them for the website Decided to rephotograph the soup recipe when I have fresh parsley growing in the garden. The parsley is growing very slowly right now, for some strange reason.
Family Goals:
1. Find a new dishwasher ASAP. It’s right in the middle of my busiest canning season, and I run it after every 2-3 meals, so this is a huge priority.
2. Correct all schoolwork
3. Make new bookmarks with tassels for Cyrus. Didn’t do this, but he still had plenty of great presents.
4. Wrap birthday gifts
5. Make cheesecake for Cyrus’ birthday
6. Decorate for Cyrus’ birthday I lucked out; my dad made an awesome sign and I called it good.
7. Run 4 errands, including one trip to the library. I ran three errands and didn’t get to the library at all.
This Week’s Goals:
Garden Goals:
1. Paint plinth and urn for the front garden again
2. Install plinth and urn
3. Plant urn with plants
4. Plant pumpkin seeds in the backyard
5. Continue to plant more zinnias of different colors in the garden
6. Pick grapes as they ripen and make grape juice
7. Pick Early Elberta peaches when they ripen and can peaches
8. Do some weeding and pruning, and fill at least 1 trash can
9. Cut more sunflower heads

Sewing Goals:

1. Finish dress for Wren
2. Make dress for Winter
3. Make skirt for Winter

Canning Goals:

1. Can grape juice
2. Can peaches from our tree

Website and Blog Goals:

1. Write and photograph 3 blog posts
2. Finish at least one recipe and publish it for the website
Family Goals:
1. Correct all schoolwork
2. Run 4 errands, including one trip to the library.
3. Take some new pictures of the children

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  1. Your list is very inspiring!!So far on my list this week is to *scour sales ads, match sales with my coupons*formulate a list a menu and grocery list*grocery shop after payday* Eat out of freezer and pantry because there is no money till payday at the end of the week* Make pepperoni rolls for lunch one day and extra for the freezer* work on dress for my daughter . which will more than likely involve cleaning and maintence of my machine, its been sewing weird for a while* look over ads for back to school supplies* keep up with garden- I picked 23 cucumbers this week as well as enough green beans for canning 7 qts 🙂 Thats all I can think of right now but I will come up with more I’m sure!!!

  2. Outside Goals:Fix stepping stoneWeedingResearch fall garden and planting timesSewing/Ironing/Misc. GoalsFinish all ironingFinish all sewing repairsHang new photos in living room framesFood/Grocery Goals:Create list of all available food in house & storageWork on a price bookMeal PlanCleaning Goals:Clean top and outside of kitchen cabinetsClean fridge inside and outGet back on regular household cleaning scheduleAmy Goals:Get family blog up-to-dateApply for part-time workFind the title for our mini-van (it is misplaced somewhere in the house **in a safe place!)

  3. Dana, I don’t know what part of the country you live in, but there are numerous websites that already do the scouring and matching coupons for you. Southernsavers.com is my favorite because of the locality for me and the ease of use of the site to print your list, etc. I usually get the sales ad when I walk in the store to make sure there was nothing that I missed, but the websites make it so much easier.

  4. My goals are a bit different because I am at a different life stage but here are my goals for next week:Goals for Week Ending Saturday, July 27, 2013Retirement Meeting with Fidelity Continue Medicare ReadingHome Make appointment for grandfather clock repair Buy paint for lamps–done Finish painting plant standQuilting Block #6Garden Have flower beds cleaned out Buy replacement plantsReading Centennial by James Mitchner (audio cd) The Guns at Last Light by Rick Atkinson A Long Shadow (Inspector Rutledge #8) by Charles Todd Tales from the Underground by David Wolfe Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English by Natasha Solomons Cooler, Smarter by The Union of Concerned ScientistsCooking 4 dinners Bake German Chocolate Cake for Paul’s 65th birthday party

  5. Dana, Money Saving Mom has a section on her blog with free store match-ups for coupons. Just click on the store in your area and it lists the best deals and a link to a full listing. I still scour my adds myself (since I buy mostly fresh produce) but I’ve found it to be a great help. As Allison said, there are other sites too. Lea

  6. I tend to not post on these..but wanted to let you know, that I love this feature. It inspires me..if you can do that…what is stopping me from doing what I need/want done.

  7. I used to do a goals list when I was younger, much younger. Not sure why I discontinued. Used to carry a steno pad everywhere as it fit nicely in purse. I HAVE to start this up again. Of course with older children I no longer have as many to do items as when they were home.1) finish quarterly taxes2) get 5 birthday cards ready for August. Years ago the girls and I made lots of stamped cards and I still use them. 3) Get the spare bedrooms ready. Found out last minute that we will host one of the missionary families (couple, 2 teens) who will be in town for the convention starting tomorrow night. Not much to do as they will be gone all day and evening. Provide breakfast, laundry facilities, that type of thing. Let them borrow a vehicle if needed. Mostly I will be able to drop them off and pick them up if they don’t carpool with someone else.4.) Bake pies at church Monday am for the dinner we will host Monday night.5.) Plant radish seed and lettuce for fall harvest.6.) Make dill and bread and butter pickles

  8. Brandy,I don’t post on facebook. I do have a cell phone 10cents per min. it is T mobile pay per minutes and you just buy what you need. Works great. Phones originally cost like #60 each just simple motorolla do nothing look like nothing phone but you can make and get a phone call.

  9. Be careful when using many of these sites they encourage you to buy more than you need and you end up giving them money when ever print coupons off the sites. The main reason for the push is so that they make more income. Just something to be aware of.

  10. Robert,Money Saving Mom has helped me to save a lot of money on things that I already buy. Totally Target has helped me significantly cut my toiletry purchases. I can usually save $15-20 in internet coupons per trip, on top of sales prices and $5 gift cards when you buy 2 or 3 of something (of which I would buy anyway) and use coupons, which is more like $30-$40 saved per shopping trip. Plus, many of these are sales and coupons on store brand items! Yes, the blog authors make literally 2 cents per coupon that I print, but that’s okay with me; it helps me a TON.Coupons on items that I’m going to buy anyway are awesome! I ignore coupons for things I’m not going to buy (things like granola bars, fruit snacks, body wash) and things I would never purchase (meals out, groupons, etc.) and I only use the things I would. Plus, Money Saving Mom has helped me to be able to get many things for free: free food (with coupons), free Amazon mp3 credits (no coupons needed), free e-books (that I read on my computer), and more. As long as you are working within your budget on things that you would normally get anyway, and you are disciplined to not buy every “deal” that is posted, sites like these can save a lot of time and money for you.

  11. Hi Brandy,You might consider downloading the Google Chrome browser. It has Flash player integrated into it, so you don’t have to worry about a thing–it works magically. :)Regards,Nicole

  12. I use slickdeals, but like Brandy said it is about discipline. Not everyone who post’s is trustworthy or has integrity so you have to watch what you use and what you do, but it is a great place to go to find hard to get coupons and learn about what you can get deals on, which is virtually everything, just limit yourself to what you would buy anyways.

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